Electron Microscsopy Centre facilities

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The EMC houses two transmission electron microscopes, three scanning electron microscopes and a wide range of instrumentation for optical microscopy and sample preparation.

For more information, please contact the EMC staff.

Transmission electron microscopes


The JEOL JEM-ARM200F is a 200kV probe corrected scanning transmission electron microscope (STEM) capable of atomic resolution imaging. At 200 kV the microscope features a resolution of <0.08 nm, while at 80 kV a resolution of <0.14 nm.

The microscope features a large area SDD EDS detector that allows elemental mapping with atomic resolution. Moreover, the microscope is equipped with a Cold Field Emission Gun with a resolution of 0.3 eV, which coupled with the GIF Quantum imaging filter, enables not elemental analysis at the atomic level determination of electronic structure; i.e., oxidation state, chemical bonding, surface plasmons, etc.

  • HAADF, ABF, SE/BSE STEM detectors
  • HR pole piece with up to 35o tilt range.
  • Tomography insert with up to 70o tilt range.
  • JEOL Cold holder (Liquid nitrogen temperature).
  • JEOL Centurio SDD detector with 100 mm2 detection area (~1 sr).
  • Gatan UltraScan 1000XP CCD camera (2k x 2k).
  • Gatan Quantum 963 SE imaging filter.

Specialists: Dr. David Mitchell, Dr. Gilberto Casillas-Garcia.


The JEOL JEM2011 is a 200 kV conventional LaB6 transmission electron microscope with a spatial resolution of 0.16 nm.

The microscope is also capable of STEM imaging in HAADF, ADF and BF modes using a ADF/BF detector.

The SiLi EDS detector enables compositional analysis in TEM mode and elemental mapping in STEM mode. It is ideal for routine TEM imaging and for sample screening before analysing samples in the aberration corrected STEM.

  • Gatan Orius CCD camera (4k by 2k).
  • Lorentz imaging.
  • Tomography insert with up to 70o tilt range.
  • ADF/BF detector.
  • HR pole piece with up to 35o tilt range.
  • JEOL JED-2300 EDS detector with a 30 mm2 detection area.

Specialists: Dr. David Wexler, Dr. David Mitchell, Dr. Gilberto Casillas-Garcia.

Sample preparation (new items)

  • Gatan 623 Disc Grinder: for precision grinding small (<5mm) specimens to specific thicknesses with +/- 5 micron precision.
  • Gatan 601 Ultrasonic cutter: for machining disks and other shapes from semiconductor/ceramic wafers.
  • Gatan 656 Dimple Grinder: for precision thinning of TEM disks prior to ion milling.
  • Teclock PC-465J micrometre

Specialists: Dr. Mitchell Nancarrow, Dr. Gilberto Casillas-Garcia, Dr David Mitchell.

Scanning electron microscopes


The JEOL JSM-7001F is a 30 kV analytical thermal field emission gun scanning electron microscope capable of 3 nm spatial resolution. It is well suited for the detailed characterisation of conductive/coated samples. The large area EDS detector enables rapid quantitative microanalysis and elemental mapping while the high resolution EBSD system enables orientation mapping in scanning and transmission modes.

Specialists: Dr Azdiar Gazder, Dr Mitchell Nancarrow


The JEOL JSM-7500FA is a 30 kV semi in-lens cold field emission gun – scanning electron microscope capable of 1.4 nm spatial resolution. It is well suited for the characterisation of insulating and nanomaterials, medical and biological samples. The gentle beam irradiation technique provides exceptional image quality at acceleration voltages as low as 0.1kV. This reduces charging effects in uncoated insulating materials and beam damage in electron-sensitive materials. The transmitted electron detector can attain a resolution of 0.6nm at 30 kV and is suitable for imaging thin foils or nanosized materials on thin support films.

Specialists: Mr Tony Romeo, Dr Mitchell Nancarrow


The JEOL JSM-6490LA is a 30 kV conventional tungsten filament, variable pressure scanning electron microscope. It is well suited for basic structural imaging of large (or component sized) engineering materials and ‘wet’, biological or cryogenic samples at a maximum resolution of 3.5 nm (at 30 kV). The large area EDS detector enables rapid quantitative microanalysis and elemental mapping while the cathodoluminescence spectrometer allows investigation of trace elements, electronic structure and stress in a range of non-metallic materials.

Specialists: Dr Mitchell Nancarrow, Mr Tony Romeo

Focussed Ion Beam FEGSEM

The FEI Helios NanoLab G3 CX is a state-of-the-art dual (electron and ion) beam analytical scanning electron microscope and highly targeted sectioning tool. Using the focused ion beam 3D analytical datasets of electron images and EDS/EBSD datasets can be generated though serial sectioning of a region of interest (up to ~50um3) or to prepare targeted electron transparent lamella for high resolution TEM investigation or atom probe samples. A new capability for this class of tool (Arriving 2017) is to perform mass spectroscopy of the ions ablated during milling to yield very high resolution (~100nm2) elemental maps of light elements (down to Li) which is difficult or impossible with X-ray based analytical methods.

  • SE, BSE and STEM detectors
  • Pt, C and N2 (charge neutralisation) gas injection
  • Samples must fit within a 25mm radius and be less than 10mm high for general samples
  • Oxford Instruments X-maxN 150mm2 123eV SDD energy dispersive X-ray detector
  • Oxford Instruments NordlysMax3 High speed EBSD camera
  • Integrated AZtec Synergy software suite comprising AZtec HKL for EBSD and AZtec Energy and AZtec ED and EBS4 for 3D dataset acquisition and analysis
  • FEI Avizo 3D analysis and image processing suite
  • Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometer (Arrival 2017)

Specialists: Dr. Mitchell Nancarrow, Dr. Azdiar Gazder and Dr. Gilberto Casillas.

Optical microscopes

Sample preparation

Other equipment

  • Edwards Auto 306 thermal evaporator/vacuum coating system
  • Edwards TIC vacuum pumping station and desiccator for SEM and TEM samples
  • JEOL EC-52000IC ion cleaner for TEM holders/samples
  • JEOL EM-21090 cryogenic holder and EM-SHU2 control unit for TEM at -160 °C
  • JEOL JEC-4000DS dry pumping station for TEM holders
  • Kammerath & Weiss GmbH 3 kN tension/compression stage with resistance heating up to 900°C
  • Leica EM KMR3 Glass Knifemaker
  • Struers Emco-Test DuraScan-70 Vickers hardness tester (10 gm to 10 kg)
  • XEI Scientific Evactron-25 decontaminator/plasma cleaner for TEM holders and SEM and TEM samples
Last reviewed: 17 March, 2017